Craft and More



  • Sculpting
    Das Air Hardening Clay
    Amaco Air Dry Modeling Clay
    Super Sculpey Clay
    Creative Paperclay
    Sculpey III Polymer Clay
    Super Sculpey Firm
    Staedtler Fimo Polymer Clay
    Van Aken Claytoon Plastalina Sets
    Van Aken Plastalina Modeling Clay
    Amaco Cloud Clay
  • Balsa & Basswood
  • Boards
    Rag Mat Acid Free Matboard
    Fabric Matboard
    Museum Board
    Illustration Board
    Chip Board
    Graphic Board
    Davey Board
    Bristol Board
  • Adhesives
    Plaid Mod Podge
    Aleene’s Original Tacky, Fast Grab, Quick Dry and Acid Free Glue
    Best-Test Cement
    Yasutomo Nori Paste
    Bob Smith Industries Premium Adhesives
    Hot Wire Foam Factory Foam Fusion Foam Glue
    E6000 Jewelry Adhesive
    Adhesive Glue Dots
    UHU Stic Glue Sticks
    Tombow MONO Adhesive Tape
    Lineco Archival Tapes
    PVA Bookbinding glue
  • Book Binding
    Linen thread
  • Cutting Tools
    X-ACTO cutting blades and holders
    Olfa Snap-Off Blades and Rotary Cutters
    Dahle Guillotines and Rolling Trimmers
  • Ribbon & String
  • Stationary
  • Tools and Organization
  • Wood Carving
  • Stencils and Sign
    Mylar, Duralar Stencil Burner, Stencil Board
  • Lightboxes
    Artograph Lightracer & LED LightPads
    Daylight Wafer LED Light Box
    Gagne Porta-trace Light boxes
  • Projectors
    Artograph Prism & Tracer Series Projectors